Lawyer Martina Plomer

Gaining a law degree from the Balearic Islands University in 2005, she joined the Balearic Law Society in 2007. After practising in Palma, Mallorca for 2 years, she joined Ripoll & Mateu in 2007.

She has participated in several Balearic Islands University courses, such as the Seminar on the new Land Law in 2007, the Postgraduate Course Specialist Degree in Urban Planning, Law and Land Management in 2008 and the Conference on Public Sector Contracts by FEPJ-ICAIB in 2008, as well as the Days of Eminent Domain organised by the Open University in 2009.

2011 Master in Public Procurement from Castilla La Mancha University.

Martina’s work focuses on urban administrative law and civil law. She was a member of the Balearic Islands Board of the Association of Young Lawyers, AJAICIB, and the head of the administrative law area and town for the same body.